Financial Resource Program (F.R.P.)

If you could help your employees better understand and appreciate their employee benefits with no out-of-pocket cost to you, through an objective and independent third-party financial representative, would you be interested?

WorldWide Financial Group, Inc. ("WWFGI") has designed a worksite financial resource program specifically for your employees called F.R.P. (Financial Resource Program).  The program offers your employees the access to independent plan representatives, coordinated by WWFGI either IN YOUR LOCAL AREA or from the Chicago area.  For hospital groups, these representatives will work with the resident physicians also.  Click on wwfgiFRP to review WWFGI's outline of this service.

The plan benefits review for your employees can help:

1. Emphasize the importance of the benefits
2. Explain the cost to you, the Employer, to provide them
3. Help your employees understand the benefits you offer
4. Show employees how they can maximize these benefits
5. Help you Recruit, Reward and Retain high quality employees

More importantly, WWFGI provides every employee with an acknowledgement to sign that he/she was offered this benefit.  For those who take advantage of this benefit, they will receive a full financial review with an independent plan representative to help indicate what steps they should make in order to achieve their financial goals for the future.  They will also be asked to sign an acknowledgement that they received this service. Copies of all employee acknowledgements are provided to you, the employer, for your records to help protect you if an employee challenges your disclosure of his/her benefit options.


Additionally, this program could be a valuable piece to your overall business strategy because it:

1. May help reinforce goodwill;
2. May help increase employee morale and retention;
3. May help increase employee productivity as they gain control of their financial affairs;
4. Allows you, the employer, to distance yourself from offering financial strategies; and
5. Can be a valuable benefit to your employees with no out-of-pocket cost.

Today, many consumers feel they need more professional financial guidance today (as compared to a couple years ago).  While they want to be educated, most consumers do not want to acquire the knowledge through traditional methods, such as seminars and newsletters. Instead, they want financial professionals to teach them directly and expect their help in retirement planning and reviewing progress toward the consumers achieving their financial goals.

If you would like more information about our F.R.P. program, please call WWFGI at (847) 478-1136 or send an inquiry at or click on wwfgiFRPplease call WWFGI at (847) 478-1136 or send an e-mail to or click on